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(March 19, 2014)

Contraindications and Contra-actions
Both words are quite important when it comes to booking a therapy treatment. Contraindications are a list of health conditions/ medications that may mean it is unsafe/ unadvisable to have a treatment, whereas contra-actions are a list of possible reactions that can occur after your treatment.

Some clients may be surprised to find that certain therapy treatments may not be suitable for them. Although massage and therapy treatments are generally relaxing, positive and nurturing treatments, there are a quite a few health conditions that may mean doctors approval is required first before treatments can commence or in some cases, certain treatments have to be avoided completely.
Thats why it is always important when you go for a treatment somewhere for the first time, that your therapist performs an in-depth consultation with you to begin (and before each consecutive session), to get to know you better as a client and to make sure your treatment is best suited to your individual needs.
If any of your medical conditions change or say for example, you develop the flu before your next appointment, let your therapist know as soon as possible to make sure the appointment is suitable for you at that time.

A few examples are listed below:-

Total Contraindications (can not receive treatment at that time)
Cold/Flu, Chicken Pox, Mumps, Other Infectious Diseases, Undiagnosed medical conditions, Pregnancy (0-12 weeks)

Medical Approval Needed
Severe Heart Conditions, Recent Surgery (post operative), Diabetes, Cancer, Epilepsy, Strong Medications

Special Care/ Localised areas
Cuts, Wounds, Bites, Rashes, Sun burn, Pregnancy (12 weeks+) Swelling, Verrucas, Nut allergies (incase of nut based oils) and other allergies

Contraindications can differ from therapy to therapy and every client has different health circumstances, so always ask your therapist before treatment if you are not sure. 

*Therapy treatments should never replace the advice/ medications/ treatments given by your doctor/ G.P*

Massage and therapy treatments can help make you feel relaxed, stress-free and rejuvenated but sometimes after treatments, your body may react in different ways... these are generally nothing to worry about (as long as symptoms arent severe or long lasting after treatment)

A few examples are below:

Muscle soreness (in cases of deep tissue work), should calm down after a day or so and muscles feel more relaxed 
Feeling Colder (as blood flow increases to skins surface, can result in heat loss after massage) bring an old jumper to keep warm afterwards
Redness of skin (Erythema) again because of increased blood flow to surface of skin
Increased Tiredness (definately expected :))
Heightened emotions/ feeling emotional (as therapy treatments help release muscular tensions, some people may feel a release of emotional tensions and stresses too)


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