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Sore muscle self-help No.4...

(September 22, 2013)

4. Diet.
Everyone understands the importance of eating healthy and the many nutritional benefits that fruit and vegetables provide us with, but did you know there are certain foods that can help reduce muscles soreness too? And it helps if they taste delicious too...

PROTEIN. Protein is important in helping our muscles recover and grow. 
Fish, dairy, eggs, and legumes are sources of lean protein and eating a little extra of these after a session at the gym (or hard day on your feet) will help muscles recover a little faster.

CARBOHYDRATES. Healthy carbs including whole grains, vegetables and fruits will supply our bodies with some of the fibre our body needs to help fight inflammation.

Kelp, cold-water fish, Sweet potatoes (yum) and vegetables (the green ones), papaya and blueberries... Looks like the ingredients for a tasty main meal and dessert to me :)

and again, keep yourself hydrated to ward off muscles soreness, cramping and fatigue.

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