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Sore muscle self-help No.2...

(September 20, 2013)

2. Massage.
Your muscles are responsible for supporting and causing movement throughout your whole body, approximately 640 of them in total! That's a lot of work to do every minute of the day. 
Tense and achy muscles are your body's way of communicating that they are stressed, strained and over-worked and a massage is possibly one of the nicest rewards you can give them.
Massage helps by stretching and soothing your sore muscles.
The gentle kneading motions help improve your circulation, speeding up the removal of waste products that make you sore, and bringing in the nutrients and oxygen your muscles need to repair. 
Massage also relaxes your body and mind, helping improve the quality of your sleep... which gives your muscles that time they need to naturally heal.

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