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Mum-To-Be Refkexology... September 04, 2014
 Maternity & Fertility Reflexology... Available to help you relax and destress throughout the whole of your conception journey... Trying to... [MORE]

Therapy Rooms to Rent @ Relaxation Retreat July 07, 2014
Are you a self employed therapist looking for a new home in Swansea City Centre? Relaxation Retreat provides a fresh, modern and spa-like city retr... [MORE]

Oasis Therapies @ Relaxation Retreat! July 06, 2014
Its been such a busy time for Oasis Therapies! and lots of exciting changes ahead... As of July 2014, Oasis Therapies has relocated and opened a ne... [MORE]

Oasis Therapies @ Swansea Clinic Fridays April 30, 2014
As of Friday 2nd May, Oasis Therapies are also going to be available from Swansea Clinic of Natural Medicine, 20 Walters Rd, Swansea,SA1 5NQ I look... [MORE]

New Therapies coming soon! March 31, 2014
Oasis Therapies are looking forward to a very busy and exciting next few months! Coming this Summer/ Autumn... *Hot Stones Massage (May) - the... [MORE]

Contra-whats?? March 19, 2014
Contraindications and Contra-actionsBoth words are quite important when it comes to booking a therapy treatment. Contraindications are a list of hea... [MORE]

Pamper Party's & Work Placed Massage January 29, 2014
Pamper PartiesOasis Therapies offer a Pamper Party Service in and around the Swansea area. Oasis Therapies brings the party to you at your chosen ve... [MORE]

Pregnancy Massage October 18, 2013
Another course completed and i can now work with pregnant clients!Helping soothe away aches, stresses and strains associated with pregnancy. Mum-to-... [MORE]

Thai Foot Massage October 13, 2013
Today I became a Thai Foot Massage practitioner. It is such a relaxing a therapeutic treatment, i cant wait to try this on my clients!! ... [MORE]

Happy World Reflexology Week! September 23, 2013
Tired and Achy feet?Feeling stressed, need some 'me-time' and in need of relaxation?Celebrate World Reflexology Week this week with 60 minutes of Re... [MORE]

Sore muscle self-help No.4... September 22, 2013
4. Diet.Everyone understands the importance of eating healthy and the many nutritional benefits that fruit and vegetables provide us with, but did y... [MORE]

Sore muscle self-help No.3... September 21, 2013
3. Exercise.After your sore muscles have had a chance to relax sufficiently, it is important to keep active.When your stressed, your body may feel a... [MORE]

Sore muscle self-help No.1... September 20, 2013
1.Rest.Sometime the best thing you can do for your aches is nothing at all.Rest is physically necessary so that your muscles can repair, rebuild and... [MORE]

Sore muscle self-help No.2... September 20, 2013
2. Massage.Your muscles are responsible for supporting and causing movement throughout your whole body, approximately 640 of them in total! That's a... [MORE]

Fun Massage Facts! September 19, 2013
Did you know......Your body feels as if it has had 8 hours sleep after a 60 minute massage....that massage stimulates the release of endorphins and ... [MORE]

Facebook September 17, 2013
Click like and Join Oasis Therapies on Facebook! For upto date news, tips, competitions and special offers. ... [MORE]

Oasis Therapies available from Centre of Swansea... July 28, 2013
  Oasis Therapies are now available from Cheryls home, in Swansea City Centre.The groundfloor lounge has been transformed into a tranquil trea... [MORE]

Oasis Therapies @ Christmas Market! November 08, 2011
Oasis Therapies are going to be taking part in the Christmas Market at Waunarlwydd Rugby Club on Sunday 4th December, 2011. Come and s... [MORE]

Save money, have a massage at home! October 25, 2011
As of Autumn 2011, Oasis Therapies are going to be available to everyone in the Swansea (and surrounding areas) thanks to our new mobile therapy servi... [MORE]