Frequently Asked Questions about Massage Therapy Swansea


What treatment should I choose?

With so many massage therapy treatments to choose from, it can be hard to know which treatment would be best suited to you. Most clients choose a treatment they like the description of but throughout consultation on your first appointment, any health conditions and your lifestyle background will be taken into consideration, making sure your treatment is best suited to your individual requirements- if you would like any further information on the treatments available, call Cheryl on 07954 343639 to discuss beforehand.

What are the benefits? How often should I book in?

Apart from making you feel great, there are so many health and relaxation benefits provided by massage, some of the benefits are:-
Relaxation - Pain Reduction - Stress Relief - Ease Muscular Tension - Improved Sleep Quality - Increase Flexibility in the Muscles - Release Endorphins- the bodys feel good hormones - Improve Circulation - Calm Anxious minds - Self Awareness - Muscles Recovery (sports/ athletes) - General Well Being  

The more regular you book in for treatments, the better you will feel and you will begin noticing results, i.e tension decreases, pain is more manageable. After your first treatment, you will feel relaxed and calm but for longer term results, regular treatments are always advised. 

Who is my therapist? 

Unless you have booked for two people to have a treatment at the same time or a Spa Pamper Party, your appointments with Oasis Therapies will be performed by Cheryl Bendle MFHT. Cheryl has been a Massage Therapist for eight years and provides a whole range of massage therapy treatments. You get to know Cheryl as your therapist - instead of having to meet a new therapist each treatment - and she gets to know your body and health background, ensuring every treatment you recieve is best suited to your needs and targetted to those problematic tension areas.

What if I take strong medications or have a major health condition(s)?

If you take strong medications or have any major health conditions, it is always advisable you check with your doctor before receiving any massage therapy treatments. Before your first treatment takes place, Cheryl will perform a consultation with you to get to know your health back ground and medications, in order to ensure that treatments are as safe as possible for your health and best suited to your requirements. Click here for more details about health conditions and massage. 

What should I wear to my appointment?

For your comfort and protection from oils, it is best to wear old and comfy clothing to your appointment. .

Preferably long hair should be worn down for easier access to head for scalp massages and if possible, keep make up and jewellery minimal.

Should I shower before or after my treatment?

Most clients prefer to shower before and after appointments. A shower before (or at the start of the day) will help you feel fresh and comfortable on the table, and a bath afterwards will warm your muscles, helping to continue that relaxing feeling at home, whilst cleaning the oil residue from your body.

Will I have to be naked or undress during my appointment? 

No. Oasis Therapies treatments do not require clients to completely undress. 

As a general rule:- 

  • Reflexology/ Thai Foot Massage only requires clients to remove their socks and shoes and have loose fitting clothing for access to the legs and knees.
  • Back Massage work only requires access to the back and shoulders. Trouser and skirts can remain worn throughout treatment if prefered. It is recommended ladies remove their bras/ bra straps for back massage work.
  • Full Body Massage Clients are always left in privacy to undress and cover themselves with towels provided, ensuring modesty, before, during and after treatment. Underwear is worn throughout treatment. Again, it is recommended ladies remove their bras/ bra straps for back massage work. Your Therapist will not see you completely undressed as you will be covered with towels, ensuring modesty.

I am nervous about somebody seeing my body through the massage...

This is completely normal, especially for first time clients. As explained above, Your therapist will not see you completely undressed as you will cover yourself in towels before your therapist returns into the room. We work on one body part at a time, i.e, right leg, left leg, right arm etc and the rest of your body will remain covered with towels. Us, as therapists are human too, we all have wobbles and bumps in places we wish we didnt and we also forget to shave our legs from time to time too, so try not to worry, we are not here to judge you or your body! If anything, we are assessing the skin for any conditions such as dryness or any conditions with the veins, muscles etc.

Also, Oasis Therapies provides seated massage treatments that are performed with clients being fully clothed- without oils OR Reflexology and thai foot massage that focus just on the feet- either of these treatments are perfect as introductory sessions to massage. 

Should I talk during my appointment?

Most new clients will have a lot of questions about their treatment, which is completely normal and alot of queries can be discussed during consultation. 

Feel free to chat and ask any questions you want, but try and remember this is your time to relax and switch off from the world around you. For upto an hour and a half, you are free from any bills you have to pay, free from the kids and any chores you have around the house, free from work and stresses and free to relax and let your mind wander... and snoring is completely acceptable too, infact it is a compliment! Also, try and remember to relax your body, your therapist is trained to lift your arms and legs without assistance, so just try to lay back, close your eyes and relax... let us do the rest!

The massage is hurting/ The music is too loud/ The pressure is too light...

Always tell your therapist when things dont feel right or you dont feel comfortable in your surroundings. It will not hurt our feelings if you tell us something isn't right. 

Our job is making sure you feel great and that you are having the most relaxing experience possible, so feel free to speak up at anytime.

Invest in feeling good, 
Invest in your health and well-being, 
Invest in yourself!